Take everyone to know the replica watches

In all the counterfeit Swiss watches, fake Rolex brand count more common, in addition to the Rolex watches more famous and precious reasons and its watch cover’t open easily. Today we know how to take discounts from Rolex strap identify?

New Rolex watch model in front with a 1. For example, for example, the original 16233 types into 116233. Other models and so on. Watch appearance structure changes, mainly changes in strap, in the middle of the old version of the strap with 18K gold is hollow part, the version of the modified see solid, strap type mostly to 63203, this number will play in both ends of the strap, the need to remove strap to.

Old Rolex watches strap discount do not good, is to use a stainless steel sheet stamping out, many low-grade watches are the appearance, 16233 models that correspond to the strap type is 62523H; new Rolex watch strap discount is similar to the “Butterfly” and very thick, open and close more reliable, open and a prominent crown, very beautiful.
116233 model is probably the most, the most typical Rolex watches, this fake Rolex, strap discount identification, including numbers and letters, with laser technology, and not the stamping, very shallow very vague. If the amplification of the careful look, true and false Rolex watches in this position has a clear distinction.
False table copies, such as Swiss Rolex watch high levels of processing, leave the table simply do not come, at best, it can only make a rough outline. Look at the table is to look at the table from the table, when you see through the full details of the Rolex, it is not afraid of fake Rolex to deceive.