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Rolex replica watches

June 27, 2015, at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art Beijing’s famous 798 Art District (UCCA) Rolex replica watches enthusiastic support of South African artists William Kentridge (William Kentridge) held its Asia’s largest exhibition in the “model Notes” campaign , the exhibition includes works William Kentridge since 1988 many classic works, William Kentridge (William Kentridge) as Rolex “Creative recommended Scheme” one of the senior artists, the activities organized by the enthusiastic support of Rolex, Rolex day many executives and media, art lovers to participate in listening enjoyed a feast of art.

Now 60-year-old William Kentridge (William Kentridge) is one of the world’s most influential artists. In 2012-2013 Rolex replica watches Creative recommend Recommended Scheme as a young Colombian artists Ma Tiao Lopez (Mateo López) mentor. William Kentridge (William Kentridge) The exhibition includes “denial of time,” according to Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” creative works “black box”, and based on the works of Shostakovich’s opera “I’m not me it’s not my horse, “and other classic works.

On the day William Kentridge (William Kentridge) and its protege Ma Tiao Lopez (Mateo López) launched a lecture entitled “From the studio as the methodology about” Kentridge Dialogue Luo Peici wonderful link. William Kentridge (William Kentridge) Painting “time of denial,” Kentridge this work is the most widely recognized works. The exhibition is William Kentridge (William Kentridge) large-scale exhibition held in China for the first time, Mr., also its largest exhibition held in Asia, with the support of Rolex replica watches this historic exhibition, showing the Rolex brand of cultural heritage of humanity constantly as well as continued support for the promotion of excellence, which also reflects the key value lies Rolex. Not only can see the exhibition hall William Kentridge (William Kentridge) Mr. paintings, as well as tri-band color images with sound “on the model opera” works, as well as sculptures, drawings and other works. Recommended Rolex replica watches Creative Funding Scheme was initiated in 2002, by the international charity program dedicated team responsible for the Rolex headquarters in Geneva, this program aims to discover talented worldwide young artists.

Rolex Creative Arts Funding Scheme is now held biennially seventh (2014-2015), the project is committed to preserve the world’s artistic heritage forever, continue its tradition of supporting the personal achievement through this project Rolex, Rolex replica watches will invite architecture, dance senior artist, film, literature, music, theater and visual arts and other areas of artists, one from each of the six areas give young artists a year of individual guidance and training. Deputy Director of the Department of public relations image Rolex replica watches REBECCA Irwin (Rebecca Irvin) said he was very proud to work with this outstanding South African artists soon, he has many unique ideas and these ideas can be integrated into several art media, and he many of the works show the Chinese unique resonance. The Rolex replica watches exhibition continues until August 30 ticket price is 10 yuan, its art-loving friends are interested in the work can be carried out to visit and study.