Rolex date just copy of the watch compared to the real date just watch

The combination of style and elegance is designed to make it a kind of fashion lovers all over the world. Rolex watch is expensive, the date is no exception. Here, you will be able to compare the difference between real and false dates just watches.

Watch is considered to be a symbol of the personality and status of the society. Rolex is a famous and popular luxury watch brand. This brand combines a high quality watch style and innovation. They produce 2000 watches every day, you still look for a booming market to copy Rolex. Rolex watches, heritage brands, is considered a symbol of status. High value of the material and work involved in making every look at a piece of art with a very high price tag, making it the majority of people. Intelligent manufacturers have generated cash on this issue and have produced a fake, in order to improve the appetite of consumers.

Rolex’s most famous value is just a copy of the icon, for the quality of luxury watches. You will find a copy of this model, most of which is not worth a glance. When you compare a well made copy with the original copy, it’s hard to distinguish it from the real one.

When you compare the two, fake and real watch, you will find amazing similarities in terms of the display style and hour markers. The shape and size of the small dial are the same as the hour hand. A big difference can be obtained by looking for a close contact. You will notice that the design is different in these 2 pieces. Fake Rolex will have a short top position with the crown in the wrong position.

Other common difference is in the use of the material and the quality of the finished writing on the baffle. Fake watches are clearly not made of the right metal. Customers may notice these differences, but a watch expert or trained eye can detect subtle differences. This difference in the quality of the basic qualities that make the buyer of the benefits of Rolex. Rolex dates just copies, and all the details are in the right place, you want to know why the original price is high.

You can continue to check the problem of the watch. Check the date of the Rolex date window, which is placed on the right of the date, just a copy of the table table. The real man carries a magnified version of the date, filling the entire window. A method of identifying the false table is the amount of space around the number. If there is more white space, Rolex is definitely a fake movie.

Now, flip the watch over and watch the back of the watch. A fake Rolex will have a smooth solid metal on the surface without marks or carvings. Rolex never sell watches the pure buck Frey, and fake watch seller will mark not back to an observation of complex clockworks.