Luxury TAG Heuer Replica Unveils Monaco “Steve McQueen”

The reproduction of Luxury Tag Heuer Monaco Replica works is not only aesthetics. The number of jewels has tripled, because three wear-resistant ruby bearings are installed in the chronograph mechanism instead of metal bearings, which will extend the life of the movement in the coming decades.

The chronograph bridge was replaced with a new bridge with a significantly thicker thickness to accommodate the elegant, Art Nouveau carvings completed by hand, and then filled with black paint.

In order to show off all the work done by the movement, a porthole was cut out on the back cover of the Tag Heuer Replica Watch case and fitted with a sapphire crystal. The crystal on the front is original acrylic resin. In the process, there is no loss, because the steel dial coming out of the case will be included in the watch.

Almost the rest of the watch is in stock – up to the dial and hands – except for discreet details: the date dial has been replaced by a red dial with date numbers instead of the original black.