GPHG Geneva Advanced Replica Watches

Since its inception in 2001, every year, the Geneva High Time Watch (GPHG) will show us the diversity of timepieces to provide rich and informative statistics for the industry. Of course, the number of participating watches (no more than 20 years in the past three years does not accurately reflect the reality of the industry, the number of participating brands (86 last year, 88 this year) as well. So, which brands submit luxury replica watches to participate in the selection, which brands do not have it?

Large watchmaking group, LVMH’s all brands are involved in a single brand up to six watch finalists, the entire group of participating in the number of watches accounted for all the 1/7. Family watch brand Chopin also has six watch finalists, and industry status match. Watch giant Patek Philippe and Rolex continue to absent. In addition to Longines, the list of participants also see the other brands of Swatch Group. As in previous years, some less well-known brands are also submitted to the watch, hoping to participate in the selection, access to good international visibility. This year, there were 14 watch brands from Austria, Finland, France and China.
Want to get the highest honor “gold pointer” or 12 individual awards, the participating watches must first pass the first round of screening, that is, by the members of the judges selected each category in their favorite 6 watches. Therefore, the submission of the watch category, is likely to have a significant impact on the brand can win. Up to now, the 12 categories in the most competitive is the best men’s table (Men’s), a total of 29 watch candidates; and the best calendar table (Calendar) only six watch candidates to determine the next round.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Hollow Watch

Kerbedanz Maximus Tourbillon watch
As in the past, members of the jury will face a difficult choice. For example, from the TAG Heuer replica  Link 41 watch to the Lange moon phase watch, the best men’s table (Men’s) list of candidates almost cover all the case shape and price range. And the first 8 watch (independent watchmaker David Candaux design to create), Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon hollow watch (the world’s most slim hollow tourbillon watch) and Kerbedanz Maximus watch (equipped with the world’s largest (Tourbillon and Escapment) category, the same will make the members of the judges dilemma.

Fabergé Visionnaire

Vacheron Constantin Lofts Artisan Horror Complex 3600 watch
However, the most tangled is the best chronograph category. Jury members need to choose from the Fabergé Visionnaire chronograph and the Singer Reimagined Track 1 chronograph. Both cheap replica watches are equipped with the same central chronograph movement (ie Jean-Marc Wiederrecht Agenhor movement), unique design and widely acclaimed.

Rebellion WEAP-ONE watch

Elite Diamond Outrage
For the watchmaking industry, the special representation of the Geneva Grand Watch Awards (GPHG) is also reflected in the price. All the timepieces to participate in the selection must be accompanied by a price (this year there is a clear exception, that is unique to the Vacheron Constantin loft artisan complex 3600 watch), which for the table fans to provide a good time to know the cost of masterpiece a rare opportunity. Rebellion WEAP-ONE (45 million Swiss francs) is one of the most expensive non-jewelery replica watches, occupy the top of the Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage jewelry (123.8 million Swiss francs), the most affordable is the Longines Conquest VHP quartz wrist Table (875 Swiss francs). That is to say, an Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage high jewelry watch price, worth 1,414 Longines Conquest VHP quartz watch.