Cheap Fake TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial

The new Cheap TAG Heuer Monaco Replica has refurbished its iconic square chronograph with a gradient green dial. This is Monaco’s first product, but this year it is a very ordinary color.

The iconic Heuer chronograph was born in 1969 to commemorate the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco perfectly combines water resistance, automatic chronograph and square case, and remains the brand’s most well-known timepiece.

The new Monaco does have the advantage of an internal movement, and the remake of Luxury Tag Heuer Replica with a left crown is all powered by an ETA or Sellita movement.

Radial brushed surface and metallic texture, smoky green dial, pale green in the center, gradually darkening the edges, while the black small dial forms a sharp but subtle contrast.

The rest of the Tag Heuer Fake Watch is the same as the standard Monaco, with its bold square case measuring 39 mm long and fitted with a dome and beveled sapphire crystal.

The watch is powered by an internal calibration device. Heuer 02, equipped with a column wheel and vertical clutch, and a convenient 80-hour power reserve.

The back cover of the new Tag Heuer Replica Watch is clearly visible, allowing the movement to be viewed in its entirety. This time, the reference to the event is more subtle, and the text on the column wheel and rotor is rendered in green.